Credit Card Processing Services and Equipment

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Credit Card Processing and Merchant Account Services and Equipment

Credit Card Processing

Credit Card Processing Makes Business Possible - Merchant accounts are consumer-friendly. Apply for a merchant account today so you can offer your customers transaction choices now. Very few people pay with cash these days. Credit card processing in your retail or restaurant business offers your customers the choice to pay by major credit card like American Express, VISA or Master Card or an ATM/Debit card.


Credit card processing services: - Create repeat business and customer loyalty - Increase sales and make larger sales - Keep you competitive with other retail and restaurant merchants


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eCommerce Credit Card Processing - The Internet has revolutionized the way people shop and conduct business. For companies large and small, internet credit card processing is a necessary function in almost any market. You must have the ability to process real time transactions any time of day or night, and your system must be backed by safe and reliable technology.


Virtual Terminal and Payment Gateway Software - Optigroove's Payment Gateway and Virtual Terminal software is a scalable and easily customizable payment processing solution including credit cards, checks, and recurring billing features. It is perfect for merchants who require peak site performance and direct control over payment functionality on their computer or Web site. Your staff can process orders received offline (via phone, fax, email) using a virtual terminal anywhere you have internet access.


Point of Sale Terminals - Point of Sale Terminals are the preferred way of processing credit cards, debit cards, checks, smart chip cards, electronic benefits transfer (EBT), and other electronically submitted transactions in a traditional retail environment. The credit card equipment is used in "face-to-face" transactions. The merchant will swipe the customers card through the terminal or key-in payment information and the terminal does the rest.


Optigroove offers traditional credit card equipment, - wireless machines, pin pads for debit card transactions as well as check readers and electronic check conversion equipment.


Payment Gateway - We are agents for, the largest and most trusted online payment gateway and virtual terminal software providers. We will integrate your shopping cart with your payment gateway so purchases are made seamless on your site eavery time.


We support your credit card processing needs - for Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express®, Discover®, Diners Club, checks, and every major ATM card network nationwide, making it convenient for your prospective clients to conduct business with you. Optigroove assures convenience and added value to your customers while bringing savings and ease-of-use directly to your business.


With Optigroove merchant services and credit card machines, you can start accepting credit cards from all major credit card issuers. In addition, Optigroove's advanced merchant account services offer more than just low prices- We offer fast and reliable service!



About Optigroove - Although we are located in the Dallas / Fort Worth and North Texas area our customers are all over the United States in areas like San Jose, New York, San Jose, Houston, Pittsburgh, New Orleans and even outside the US in the UK. We can help your business find local, nationwide or even worldwide customers no matter where you are located.



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About Us:

Optigroove represents IPayment a registered ISO/MSP of Wells Fargo Bank, NA. Trusted merchant account and credit card service provider for more than 145,000 businesses, in all 50 States, Ipayment provides unparalleled 24/7 support; assuring fast, reliable and quality service. Our commitment to customer satisfaction makes Optigroove the clear choice for your business.

Go Wireless

Optigroove's Credit Card Processing Services offers a variety of wireless credit card processing solutions for the ‘on the go’ business. Our solutions are specifically designed to allow you to accept credit card transactions anywhere without having to depend on the availability of accessing a phone line or Internet connection.



Credit Card Processing rates are determined by several criteria - How you process the credit cards (Swiped, Keyed, Internet etc) - What type of cards are presented, Average purchase price and monthly volume. Fill out the form below and ask us for a free quote on your Credit Card Processing Services, Equipment or Software

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