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Search Engine Ranking

Search Engine Ranking

You have probably heard about search engines before (like Google, Yahoo, etc.). Search engines are like online phone books. When you want to find a dry cleaner down the street, but you don't know the phone number, you likely use the phone book to look up the number.

Likewise, if you want to go to a company's website, but you don't know the website address (aka URL or domain name), or you do not have a particular website you are trying to find, then you can turn to a search engine to help you. Search engine ranking is determined by the particular search engine you are using and will vary from one search engine to another. You type in what you want to find, and a search engine helps you find it. The sites ranking at the top are determined by the search engines algorithm.

Although search engine ranking is only one part of an effective Internet marketing campaign it should be a high priority because the benefits could be very lucrative. I would suggest you spend more time learning more about what search engines are and how search engines work. Optigroove can help you get your website optimized so that the search engine ranking will have higher relevancy for your specific keyword phrases.

Now it is time to get your website listed and ranked on the top search engines. Research has found that 99.9% of all those who go online to use a search engine use one of the top 8 search engines. It is these top search engine rankings you need to place most of your focus on. This doesn't mean the minor search engines are not important. In fact the more search engines you are on the better chance you have of someone finding you because each search engine ranking presents results in different ways.


Search Engine Ranking

What results do the search engine users choose?


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