SEO Friendly Web Design

Starting with a blank canvass is often the easiest and most effective way to begin. Unfortunately there are still many website designers that produce fancy looking sites but are not search engine friendly. This is a mistake because a pretty website with no traffic = no sales.

SEO Friendly Web Design Services

SEO Friendly Web Design Services

Our SEO Friendly Web designs are clean, simple and easy to navigate. And search engines love them. A good design will be attractive to look at (using appropriate colors and images), have a structure that search engine's favor and be built to allow your potential customer to take your Most Wanted Action (MWA).


A Website Re-Design Can Increase Profits and Bring In New Customers - The Internet is a fast changing environment and to keep up to date is essential in todays market. A website re-design can be simple or complex depending on your current site and number of pages.


As we are a search engine optimization company, we ensure your site is built in a way Google can “read”, so all your pages, and new ones you create, are soon in Google search results. This is search engine friendly website design. We have never launched a site that doesn’t index in Google.


With many companies they define SEO Friendly Web Design as a website that is ONLY indexed in the search engines. Here is how Optigroove defines SEO Friendly Web Design; Search Engine Optimization and Web Design all in one. I guess our sites are a lot more friendlier than theirs.


SEO Friendly Web Design Includes - SEO Services (see our SEO Services Page For More Info) and also the web design attributes below (each as requested)


Logo Design - Need a new company logo? A professionally designed logo will help you get noticed and stay remembered, thus helping you get MORE Business.


Flash Header - We do not recommend a flash intro or fully flash site because they are not search engine friendly. However a professional flash header can be a nice addition to help make your search engine friendly website appealing to your visitors too.


Quality images and graphics - We will include your photos and images, optimized for the search engines. We can include photo gallery and lightboxes as well. Don't have images and photos? The appearance of a website can be greatly enhanced by quality photographs and images. We will provide great professional stock photos and images for you.


Hosting and Maintenance - Hosting and maintenance for your new website is included. We take care of all the minor details for you including: Email account set up, minor changes and edits to your content, link changes plus any and all We let you focus on your primary management duties.


Programming Services - We can also provide any other website programming needs you may have such as: member registration, login and password retrieval, Live Customer Support, Online Chat, Blogs, RSS and XML Feeds, Podcasts, Search, Database and content specific searches, online surveys and polls, job boards, forums, videos, and much much more



About Optigroove - Although we are located in the Dallas / Fort Worth and North Texas area our customers are all over the United States in areas like San Jose, New York, San Jose, Houston, Pittsburgh, New Orleans and even outside the US in the UK. We can help your business find local, nationwide or even worldwide customers no matter where you are located.




SEO Website Development Sidenotes

Before you start:

you should know what the purpose of your website is. Is it meant to be primarily a sales site or is it meant to be purely informative? What do you want people to DO when they come to your site? Make a purchase? Call your company? Drive to your location? Submit a form? Know your Most Wanted Action (MWA)

Your Domain Name

If you already own your domain name then ok, no problem. If you haven't purchased it yet then DON'T until we talk to you first. We may have some ideas on how to get a domain name that will help you the most based on your business goals.


Pricing Structure:

Pricing your SEO Friendly Website Design is based on how big of a site you want. If you just want a simple 3 page website that targets local visitors, and needs very little SEO, then we can probably build it for just a few hundred dollars. The larger and more complicated the website then of course the more it costs. Fill out the form below and ask us for a free quote on your SEO Friendly Website Design.

Know this - Our Prices and Results won't be beat!


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