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Small Business Cash Advance Vs Small Business Loans


Small business owners know small business loans are hard to find these days. Banks decline as many as 98% of all Bad Credit Small Business Loans applications. Many banks may also require you to be in business for an extended period, and may require you to have physical assets for collateral to receive working capital for your small business.


Did you know there is a new alternative to receive working capital for your business? Most business owners do not realize they have a hidden asset they can receive funds against. The future Visa and MasterCard sales from your customers can be purchased in advance. Unlike a bank, a business cash advance program has a 100% approval rate for qualified applicants. And with a small business cash advance you only need to be in business for 2 years to qualify. Ask us for more information on how your company can receive up to $1,000,000 in working capital against its future Visa/MasterCard credit card receipts in as little as 7 business days. Unsecured small business loans can be very difficult to obtain as well.


A small business cash advance is one of the easiest and most popular methods for small business financing. The merchant cash advance business has been around for a while, but gained the popularity and exposure in the last few years. Our merchant bank purchases a predetermined number of VISA or MasterCard sales receipts, and provides business cash advance to the sellers in lieu of those receipts.


Funds received through a business cash advance is not a loan.  It is a cash advance paid against Visa or MasterCard merchant account receipts. These amounts are paid back through the merchant account itself.

Small Business Loan and Merchant Cash Advance Comparison


Below is a comparison chart that will highlight the differences:


Small Business Cash Advance

Small Business Loan

A 90% rate of approval on working capital Merchant Cash Advance requests for qualified merchants.

Banks Reject most small business loan or restaurant loan credit requests - even more now with the credit crunch.

Approval of your Business Cash Advance in an average of 24-72 hours once all paperwork is submitted.

Approval of a small business loan on average is 1-4 weeks once all paperwork is submitted.

It typically takes about 7 days or less to get money in your bank account.

IF you are approved for a small business bank loan it could typically take 4-8 weeks to get your money.

No fixed monthly payments to worry about. Repayment of cash advance is made by a % of your future credit card sales (Visa and MasterCard only) until paid in full. Your advance gets paid back when you get paid by your customers. Therefore, if you have a slow month, your payback to us slows down.

Small Business loans typically have a fixed monthly payment. Failure to make this payment can result in a default of a bank loan. Payments DO NOT slow down if you have a slow month.


To learn how your business can get from $2,500 to $1,000,000 in working capital against its future Visa/MasterCard sales from your customers, fill out the form below for more information.

Optigroove LLC (Dallas, TX) can provide your business up to $1,000,000 in working capital against its future Visa/MasterCard sales from your customers. We have a 100% approval rate, and cash is typically available in 7 days or less.

* Note: This is a business cash advance; and not a loan product.

How you can qualify for an unsecured small business cash advance?

* You have a business that accepts VISA and MasterCard as a form of payment.

* You process a minimum of $5,000 dollars a month.

* You can provide 4 months of past credit card statements and bank statements (12 months if business is seasonal).

* You have been in business at least 1 year.

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