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The following search engine optimization results cover only a small sampling of our customers top rankings. A majority of our clients seek out SEO services in combination with other business optimization services such as web design. Feel free to contact us today for a free consultation.

We have a history of achieving top rankings for our clients. Below you can see the rankings of some of our past and present search engine optimization clientele and what they have to say about the expert SEO services they received from Optigroove.

Optigroove is committed to using methods that work and the SEO testimonials on this page are a testament to the services we offer. Our methods are tried and true, and we will always stand behind our work. Below are some of our client testimonials.

Top Ranking Results - These are only a few of the Top Results our customers have achieved.

(Not to mention all the Yahoo and Bing rankings they get)



"Leads from our website has gone up over 400%" - Robert H.


Top Goal Results

"My traffic has more than doubled in the last two months" - Damian J..



Top Ranking Traffic Results


"I got my first order online less than two weeks after Optigroove optimized my website!" - Ben P.


Search Engine Optimization Services Top Ranking Results

Their quick and knowledgeable response to every request is outstanding. I highly recommend them to all business owners I know. - Theresa H.


Top Search Engine Ranking Results

We love our new website. Traffic has increased over a thousand percent in just a few months. We are getting calls from all over the country now. Thanks Optigroove! - Dr. Paul D.


North Texas SEO Top Ranking Results

The ranking results were amazingly quick. Thanks Steve - Coach Beverly


North Dallas Top Ranking SEO Results

Thanks for getting our new website top ranking results on Google so fast.  We are number one nationwide now. Frank H.


Top Ranking Search Engine Optimization Results

We love our new website. The phones are ringing off the hook since it went live. - Bob L.


Search Engine Optimization Top Ranking Client Results


We are the number 2 ranking website for concrete companies in the entire state of Texas - Thanks Optigroove - Bob L.


Top Ranking Concrete Company in Texas



Our top ranking on Google Local Maps appeared the next day. - Brenda C.


Top Local Listing on Google Search Engine



I am now in the top ten for almost a dozen popular search phrases in a very competitive industry - real estate. Brian H.


Top Ranking Results from Real Estate


Thanks for the kicking new website Steve - We got our first new customer from it in the first two weeks thanks to the top rankings. - Lorenzo G.


Top Ranking Search Engine Results - Tree Trimmer



We weren't even showing up on the search engines before Optigroove helped us. Dr. Mitchell


Top Local Search Engine Rankings



Our organic rankings convert better than the pay per click ads we were running - Kevin W.


Top National Rankings On Google



WOW!! I am amazed at the traffic our website gets every day of the week. We always have people tell us that they found us online. - Scott M.


Top Wood Flooring Business Rankings



That's Optigroove at NUMBER 1 for "Top Internet Rankings"


Top Internet Rankings on Google



We like the work you did so much we came back for more. Our sales are through the roof online now. We are selling almost as many bowling balls, bags and shoes online as we are in our pro shop. Matt B.


Top Bowling Ball Rankings



We are located in the UK and have been a satisfied customer of Optigroove for almost 3 years now. Alan M.


Top Rankings Worldwide



The results have far outweighed what we paid for our site and new customers. Dennis C.


Top Internet Ranking Tankless Hot Water Heater



We have been extremely satisfied with the results and service provided by Optigroove for several years. Mauricio A.


Top Ranking Electric Provider in Dallas



Our website was ready in about 3 days and we had rankings a week later. Lorenzo


Top Ranking Landscaper



Thanks for everything Optigroove. My guys love the site and our top rankings were just what we needed to keep them busy. Gerardo M.


Top Ranking Houston Fence Services



Another one of Optigroove's Top rankings for Dallas Business Cash Advances


Top Ranking Business Cash Advance Company in Dallas



Optigroove Ranks #1 for Internet Business Optimization Worldwide


Top Ranking for Internet Business Optimization



"We love the new site, Steve. I was surprised how fast we were ranked at the top of Google. Keep it up."  Cory D.


Top ranking home theater Installer